We Have A New Name & Web Site!!

Dickinson Painting - Messenger of the AlamoBrush Square Museums Foundation, Inc. (formerly Friends of the O. Henry and Dickinson Museums, Inc.) adopted its official new name at its Annual Meeting in February 2015.

Our mission and nonprofit organization remains the same.

Please continue to read about our upcoming events and news on our NEW SITE!


This domain and web site will not be renewed for 2016, so please add our new site to your bookmarks now. We plan on moving this site’s old posts to an archive on the new web site.

Happy 152nd Birthday, O. Henry

Happy 152nd Birthday O. Henry (William S. Porter)

This is a picture of his birthday cake with 152 candles ready to light at our Thursday, September 11th museum party. Then the firemen from the next door station doused it. We ate another cake, of course!

Thank you to our wonderful donors, board members, Museum staff, and volunteers for a successful fundraising event!

Putting the candles out





Our Volunteers at the 37th Annual Pun-Off

A hard-working crew of Friends of the O. Henry and Dickinson Museum volunteers made the 37th Annual O. Henry Pun-Off World Championships an outstanding success on Saturday, May 10, 2014. Several thousand people watched the contestants in Punniest of Show … Continue reading

A Great Annual Meeting

Clark and Brice

Fletcher Clark and Donaly Brice

We want to thank both our speakers, Donaly Brice and Fletcher Clark for our Annual Meeting presentations. Did you know that Susanna was wounded in the leg at the Alamo? That was just one little known fact I learned from Brice’s talk. We also heard the premier performance of Clark’s song “The Ballad of Susanna Dickinson” with touching lyrics that capture her search for “a Good Man in Texas – one who deserves a Good Wife.” The ballad lyrics reflect Susanna’s life story and can be read on Fletcher’s web site.

Fletcher Clark has just announced that you can download a 12-page book with historic images and his Ballad of Susanna Dickinson lyrics to commemorate her 200th birthday this year. Visit his order page.

Historian Presents Susanna Dickinson Little Known Facts

Donaly E. Brice

Donaly E. Brice

Texas historian Donaly E. Brice, author of The Great Comanche Raid and Cullen Montgomery Baker, Reconstruction Desperado, and The Governor’s Hounds, and a resident of Lockhart, will share some little known facts about his town’s former resident Susanna Dickinson, the only white adult survivor of the Alamo, at the Annual Meeting of the Friends of the O. Henry and Dickinson Museums. Presentation will be followed by “The Ballad of Susanna Dickinson” performed by songwriter-musician Fletcher Clark.  Light refreshments will be served and there will be a brief Friends board meeting after the presentation, which you are welcome to attend. RSVP by February 11, 2014.

Date & Time: Tuesday, February 18, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Location: St. Edward’s University, Main Building, Maloney Room

Reserve Your Free Ticket Now!

Eventbrite - Annual Meeting, Friends of the O. Henry & Dickinson Museums

Campus map at http://www.stedwards.edu/map/maincampus




Lots to enjoy at the museums Saturday.

Remember this Sunday, September 22 is Austin Museum Day organized with Austin Museum Partnership (complete schedules for all museum day activities.) The O. Henry and Dickinson Museums, located at 409 E. Fifth Street (Brush Square) will have special events from Noon to 5 pm.

There will be readings, artillery demonstrations, tours, live music, and O. Henry’s induction into the Austin Facial Hair Club. See museum event times at http://www.austintexas.gov/department/o-henry-museum.

O. Henry

Downtown mural of O. Henry as a young man with a mustache.

We’re collecting books for our sale

The Friends are collecting BOOKS for our annual sale at the May 18, 2013,  O. Henry Pun-Off World Championships. Its our biggest fundraising project of the year and we need your help.

A Good Story is Timeless

We are concentrating on collecting good quality fiction titles, both adult and children’s stories, rather than non-fiction because people love reading stories. So, if you have paperback or hard-cover fiction you won’t be reading again, please donate them to us. We’ll pass it on and help another reader enjoy the stories you loved.

Where Do I Take My Book Donation?

We would really appreciate if you would bring your books to the museum on Thursday or Friday (noon to 5 pm) before the Pun-Off. You could also bring them when you come to the Pun-Off. We don’t have any storage space. If you have questions or want to suggest other arrangements, call 472-1903 or email fohdmuseum@gmail.com.

Annual Meeting Set for February 20

Your Invitation to Our Annual Meeting

Date: Wednesday, February 20, 2013
Time: 6:30 – 8:30pm
Who: Free, Open to All
Location: Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center,
(in the Rehearsal Lab)
600 River Street, Austin, Texas 78701, 512.974.3773
www.maccaustin.org Continue reading

New Exhibit Opens on Saturday, October 20th

The opening celebration of the free exhibit “Joseph Hannig and the German Texans” will be from 2 – 4 PM on Saturday, October 20th. The exhibit is on view until February 23, 2014. The Museum is located at 411 E. Fifth Street in Brush Square next to the Austin Convention Center and the Metro station. (see map below)

Continue reading

Our Best O. Henry Birthday Party Ever!

What a grand 150th birthday celebration
for O. Henry!

A BIG Thank You To Everyone:

  • The wonderful Friends of the Museum volunteers Rusty and Julianne for refreshments and helpers Mattey, Stephen, Laura, Clay Smith, Bert, Clay Leben, Terri, and Walter who pitiched in,
  • Big Top Candy Shop,
  • Lyle Boardman of the Austin Stamp Club, Barbara Pokorny and Postmaster Fina Morales of the Austin Post Office,
  • Our dedicated Austin Parks & Recreation museum staff Michael, Quinn, and docents
  • The New Hill City Quartet musicians,
  • The 12 talented writers (see below) who read O. Henry’s “Buried Treasure,”
  • Michael Miller and staff of the Austin History Center and Capitol Visitor’s Center for their collaboration,
  • The enthusiastic public patrons who attended, not to mention the cool, rain-free weather that made it all a perfect, shoe string Austin event.

Photo Album (click on the right edge of the photo to advance)


[img src=http://www.friendsofohenryanddickinsonmuseums.org/website/wp-content/flagallery/150thbirthday2012/thumbs/thumbs_bd03_house_walter.jpg]5500view of O. Henry porch
Barbara from the Post Office passes out programs.
[img src=http://www.friendsofohenryanddickinsonmuseums.org/website/wp-content/flagallery/150thbirthday2012/thumbs/thumbs_bd04_lyleboardmanclayleben_walter.jpg]220thanking Lyle
Clay thanks Lyle Boardman from the Austin Stamp Club for designing and making the unique Museum commemorative covers for the Friends.
[img src=http://www.friendsofohenryanddickinsonmuseums.org/website/wp-content/flagallery/150thbirthday2012/thumbs/thumbs_bd05_barbaraporkornyfijnamoralesclayleben_walter.jpg]240thanking Barbara
Clay thanks Barbara Porkorny from the Austin Post Office for her help in making possible the stamp unveiling today.
[img src=http://www.friendsofohenryanddickinsonmuseums.org/website/wp-content/flagallery/150thbirthday2012/thumbs/thumbs_bd06_audiencelistens_walter.jpg]200view of audience from porch
The audience of stamp enthusiasts who came to buy O. Henry's Forever stamp.
[img src=http://www.friendsofohenryanddickinsonmuseums.org/website/wp-content/flagallery/150thbirthday2012/thumbs/thumbs_bd07_barbaraporkornyterris_walter.jpg]220Barbara selling stamp sheets
Barbara selling a sheet of 20 O. Henry Forever stamps.
[img src=http://www.friendsofohenryanddickinsonmuseums.org/website/wp-content/flagallery/150thbirthday2012/thumbs/thumbs_bd08_finamoaralesclayleben_walter.jpg]210large stamp poster
Postmaster Fina Morales and Clay Leben reveal the new O. Henry stamp design on the porch of the O. Henry Museum in Austin, Texas.
[img src=http://www.friendsofohenryanddickinsonmuseums.org/website/wp-content/flagallery/150thbirthday2012/thumbs/thumbs_bd09_finamoaralescandy_walter.jpg]200postmaster Morales show off cover designs and candy bar
Postmaster Morales showing off the two Museum commemorative covers with Oh Henry candy bars.
[img src=http://www.friendsofohenryanddickinsonmuseums.org/website/wp-content/flagallery/150thbirthday2012/thumbs/thumbs_birthday01b_cakesmall.jpg]140birhtday cake
The Friends of the O. Henry and Dickinson Museums provided a 150th anniversary birthday cake.
[img src=http://www.friendsofohenryanddickinsonmuseums.org/website/wp-content/flagallery/150thbirthday2012/thumbs/thumbs_bd10_newhillcityquartet.jpg]110
[img src=http://www.friendsofohenryanddickinsonmuseums.org/website/wp-content/flagallery/150thbirthday2012/thumbs/thumbs_bd11_evlunning01.jpg]120
[img src=http://www.friendsofohenryanddickinsonmuseums.org/website/wp-content/flagallery/150thbirthday2012/thumbs/thumbs_bd12_janpatterson01.jpg]120
[img src=http://www.friendsofohenryanddickinsonmuseums.org/website/wp-content/flagallery/150thbirthday2012/thumbs/thumbs_bd13_mikemiller.jpg]90
[img src=http://www.friendsofohenryanddickinsonmuseums.org/website/wp-content/flagallery/150thbirthday2012/thumbs/thumbs_bd14_trial01.jpg]70
[img src=http://www.friendsofohenryanddickinsonmuseums.org/website/wp-content/flagallery/150thbirthday2012/thumbs/thumbs_bd15_garyhallock.jpg]70
[img src=http://www.friendsofohenryanddickinsonmuseums.org/website/wp-content/flagallery/150thbirthday2012/thumbs/thumbs_bd16_trial02.jpg]70
[img src=http://www.friendsofohenryanddickinsonmuseums.org/website/wp-content/flagallery/150thbirthday2012/thumbs/thumbs_bd17_reading01.jpg]80
[img src=http://www.friendsofohenryanddickinsonmuseums.org/website/wp-content/flagallery/150thbirthday2012/thumbs/thumbs_bd19_reading_03.jpg]90
[img src=http://www.friendsofohenryanddickinsonmuseums.org/website/wp-content/flagallery/150thbirthday2012/thumbs/thumbs_bd20_reading_laurafurman.jpg]80